About The Lindy Tops

The Lindy Tops was formed in March 2016 with the vision of assembling a band that expressed a passion for jazz standards with a particular leaning to swing danceable tunes. This sprung forth from vocalist Stephie’s recent immersion into the Auckland swing dancing scene. Since then the Lindy Tops have performed at several swing dance events at various locations. They have also performed a number of times at Queens Cafe Bistro, and more recently Aotea Square, Chancery Square, and The Auckland Jazz and Blues Club to name a few. The band features a talented line up of young musicians, all who also play in various other jazz ensembles around town. Members: Stephanie Harmsworth, singing those songs. Mark Houghton, our one man brass section. Denholm Orr, holding that bassline. Sam Swindells, strumming those chords. Rhohil Kishore, keeping the boys on beat. The Lindy Tops bring to you their favourite jazz standards and swing tunes for all to enjoy. We are available for hire for numerous types of functions and can play as a trio, quartet or quintet.